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This series explores passion, perseverance and resiliency as one is confronted with doubt, defenselessness and/or insecurity.  The works capture how these precise moments of intensity may look and feel from an outsider’s point of view.

The works explore varying degrees of tension, desire, sensitivity and restlessness found in life. The pieces feature intriguing, possibly vulnerable, figures surrounded by a myriad of color and textures.  Together these concepts represent an observable harmony and beauty that often blanket a complex emotion.

striped sheets d.jpg
clothesline 1d.jpg
clothesline 2 d.jpg
the red sofa d.jpg
mother and child d.jpg
mama's kitchen d.jpg
young woman d.jpg
menudo for moss d.jpg
the red door d.jpg
yellow blanket d.jpg
1971 d.jpg
meredith & tom d.jpg
mydadscancer1 d.jpg
casualties of a war d.jpg
self-portrait d.jpg
the exit d.jpg
yellow cadillac d.jpg
leaving d.jpg
the embrace d.jpg
print - engrossed d.jpg
print - blood red lipstick d.jpg
print - late in the evening d.jpg
print - windows d.jpg
print - dear alice d.jpg
print - entangled d.jpg
print - the couple d.jpg
print - marrying max d.jpg
print - slender neck d.jpg
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