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Bathhouse and Beach

The works in this series delve into the difference between being alone and being lonely.  The settings are very personal if not always private.  The emphasis is on exploring the psyche and capturing the sensitivities of each figure. Is the person searching and grateful for the solitude, is he/she waiting on another to show or has his/her companion just left?  The physical attributes may look the same, but the emotional ramifications are vastly different.

bathhouse 1 d.jpg
bathhouse 2 d.jpg
bathhouse 3 d.jpg
bathhouse 4 d.jpg
bathhouse 5 d.jpg
Bath Beads d.jpg
frieda's shower d.jpg
a bat's eye d.jpg
fish kiss d.jpg
iguana d.jpg
orange-red sky d.jpg
beach nude d.jpg
skinny legs d.jpg
sun worshipper d.jpg
print - rain d.jpg
print - waterfall d.jpg
print - after the bath d.jpg
print - bathhouse d.jpg
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