Contact Information

To view more images of Catherine Small's artwork, visit her website on your larger screen device.  Please, contact her with any comments, questions or requests for studio visits.


Phone:  510.303.3306


Instagram:  @csmallstudio

Studio Address:

     Canopy Artist Studios

     Building 1, #125

     916 Springdale Road

     Austin, Texas  78702


About the Artist

Catherine Small's work may best be described as narrative portraiture, influenced by the German Expressionists and the American Social Realists.  She is inspired by current social and political events.

Catherine was born and raised in Texas.  She studied visual art, art history and design at The University of Texas at Austin and Sam Houston State University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, graduating with honors.  After a successful career in graphic design Catherine began working full time as an artist concentrating on painting and printmaking.  She has lived and worked in Fribourg, Switzerland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; San Francisco, California; Houston and Austin, Texas.  Her work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.

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