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Figuratively Speaking

I remember loving to draw the human figure as far back as grade school and that love is still with me today.  The emotions in facial expression and body position are as endless as they are complex and beautiful.  These intricacies are what I strive to capture with brushwork, palette, line and texture.

the minds eye d.jpg
rebirth d.jpg
green horizons d.jpg
bright sand d.jpg
once removed d.jpg
deep blues d.jpg
triangular heart d.jpg
midpoint d.jpg
print - rebirth 1 d.jpg
print - rebirth 2 d.jpg
nude at sunrise d.jpg
nude at sunset d.jpg
nude 1 d.jpg
nude 2 d.jpg
Nude 3 d.jpg
Nude 4 d.jpg
folds d.jpg
nude 6 d.jpg
nude 7 d.jpg
nude 8 d.jpg
nude 9 d.jpg
nude 10 d.jpg
nude 11 d.jpg
Nude 12 d.jpg
print - pear lady d.jpg
print - nude 1 revisited d.jpg
print - nude 7 revisited d.jpg
print - nude 8 revisited d.jpg
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